What’s Your Story?

Atticus Fouts and Mr. Conant


First play by the GCC Drama Club

Mr. Conant, Adviser

The last high school chapel at Grove City Christian High School took place on Thursday, May 23, 2019.  The following images are from that chapel.  The Chapel Band opened the time with worship and praise in song.  The the GCC Drama Club presented the original play that was written by Mrs. Snyder, “What’s Your Story?”

GCC Chapel band leading in worship before the play.
9th-11th GCC High School students
GCC Chapel Band made up of Brandon Noeth, Connor Benson, Caleb Miller, Tara Johnson and Bryanna Trout
Jacob Vanderpool, plays the drums for the Chapel Band


Mrs. Snyder, GCC High School English Teacher and author of the play
Mrs. Snyder introduces the Drama Club: Bernice, Gabby, Rebecca, Rachel, Christina, Sophia and Abigail
Mr. Ipock closes the time with a challenge and prayer