Cross Country Update


Gabrielle Payne, Student Reporter

On August 31, 9:00 A.M., Grove City Christian School’s Cross Country team went to Watkins Memorial High-school for a meet.  Grove City Christian’s boy’s varsity went up against nine teams and the girl’s varsity went up against ten teams.  The day was a very clear one with some clouds, a perfect day for a meet.  The time it was held was one P.M.

The boys are praying for their meet.
Maggie Isner and Rachel Mitchell cheering on the girl’s varsity team.
Dylan King was the first person out of the boy’s varsity team to finish.
Madeline Bliss was the first person out of the girl’s varsity team to finish
Coach Mindy Bankey is coaching the boy’s varsity team.
Two members from the girl’s varsity team are cheering on Madeline Bliss.