Freshman Bonding: Class of 2023


Group picture of the Freshman class of ’23

Roxy Rooker, Student Reporter

Freshman Bonding

On Friday August 23rd, 2019, the class of 2023 took the day off to create memories that will stay for years to come. With activities such as human juggling, sand volleyball, and gaga ball, the freshmen competed for a dress down day the following week.


Morning Activities:

The day started off by splitting into groups by bandanna color. Some group bonding activities occurred in the ED gym before everyone headed outside for the rest of the morning.

Team Cheers:

Each team had to create a unique cheer during bonding. The range of creativity was anything from dance routines, to the splits, to nervously shouted team name spelling.

Outside Fun:



One of the morning activities was the Human Knot, where you have to untangle yourselves without letting go of each other’s hands.


The Two Minute Challenge is an activity where the whole team works together to get a football through a hula hoop the most amount of times during a minute.


The Group Juggle was one of the morning activities. You had to stick to a throwing pattern and toss a tennis ball to the people in your group.


Jacob dives through the spider web.

In this activity, each team had to reverse their order on a balance beam without falling off.




Lunch was catered by the Naz Café who made multiple pepperoni and cheese pizzas for the event. Chips and water were also provided.








Afternoon Activities:

Sand Volleyball Tournament and Gaga Ball:

After lunch, each team competed in a volleyball tournament on the sand volleyball courts. Teachers and members of the GCC Student Council were refereeing the matches.

Gaga ball was a big hit after lunch. While the volleyball tournament was being held, the students who were not on the court were playing gaga ball.











Keys to Success:

Mrs. Gillespie, Alec Carey, and a selection of student council representative gave a talk on how to succeed in high school. They gave pointers such as: studying for tests and quizzes; doing the work assigned; and trying to balance school, sports, and fun. The advice that they shared about their experience as freshmen will be useful throughout the school year.




The Pink/Flamingo Team won a dress down day held on Wednesday, August 28th. This day will surely be remembered for years to come.