Soccer Update


2019 Varsity Soccer Season

Zachary Lauron, Reporter

Carter Locking Up On Defense
Varsity team huddling together before the kickoff
Zach taking the ball up the field
Cameron fighting for the ball

The 2019 GCCS Varsity soccer season has been very exciting to watch! There are a lot of new faces on the team, but also some very familiar ones. With sixteen seniors on the team, the players know each other very well. The team was looking very good in the pre-season games, and a lot is expected of them for the rest of the season. The senior captains for this year’s Varsity soccer team are Zach, Carter, David, and Seth.

Sadly, the soccer team has had multiple injuries early in the season. Starters David and Carter were both injured in the match against Fisher Catholic. The Eagles were still able to win the game 2-1, but David and Carter are out for the season with a David having a torn PCL, and Carter being out for three weeks due to a bruised tibia. However, they are hoping to be healthy and ready to play by the time tournament games come around. The coaches have worked very hard to form a new formation for the team without two of their primary players.

The team record so far in the season is 3-1-2, with one of the losses being without Carter or David. Goals so far in the season have been scored by Zachary, Seth, Sebastian, Kaitlyn, and Juan.

The team will be working hard the rest of the season to get used to their new formation. Without two of their key players on the field, everyone will have to step up their game. Practices will be more intense and constructive for the new starting line up to build team chemistry. This will be an exciting year for the Eagles, and be sure to come out to as many home games as possible!