Eagle Spirit Day!

Faith Williams


The whole high school and middle school students and staff for a great picture

Kyle Reed, Student Reporter

Sand volleyball was a big part of Eagle Spirit Day!

September 6, 2019 was a special day for Grove City Christian High School and Middle School. Eagle Spirit Day was a day that everyone will remember because of all the activities and friends. They were given the opportunity to meet newer friends too. The students that have been at GCCS for a while got to meet new people and maybe even became friends with them. The purpose of the day, which was sponsored by the student council over the summer, was to  bond with people and get a little break off of school and just enjoy a special time with your friends. The student council has meetings every week to talk about what to do in the future, and over the summer they were already on the topic of Eagle Spirit Day! A lot of people had a great time with their friends and had a great time doing all of the activities.

The middle school students having a great time playing cat and mouse
Luzy being really excited to be leading a team!
Jake having a great time at sand volleyball
Mr. Ipock running to home plate
Team black doing the splits for the race to a free dress down day!
Jake throwing a bag on the board in cornhole
The entire high school and middle school students and staff for a great picture
Ultimate Football!
Cat and Mouse was really fun for the black team
Andy throwing a bag to get the same points on the board
Steal the bacon (pig) was a great time for anyone and everyone
Blue team reading for the dress down day!
Who doesn’t like dodgeball!?
Grey team trying to figure out the best way to melt ice
Matball was just like kickball but better!
More students in the gym before the event
Olivia running back to her team for the victory!
Majarak trying to run away from the Cats!
9 square was really big when there was free time