Volleyball Update


Juliana Hunt, Reporter

The 2019 GCCS volleyball team has had a great start to their season. The first half of the season the volleyball team has faced some tough opponents. They are ranked number 4 in the league with a record of 6 wins and 8 losses.  The varsity team consist of 4 sophomores, 4 juniors and 4 seniors. The captains of the varsity team are the four seniors- Brooke Benson, Ashley, Odette, and Maddie. The volleyball team is headed into the second half of their season and with four seniors leading the way. As they head into the second part of their season they plan to improve their record. The team has to buckle down and work together to make the rest of the season successful. The tournament is only a few weeks away and it is vital that the team gets together and plays hard. Come out to support your lady eagles as they take on our rival Fairfield Christian October 3rd at 7pm.