Newest Teachers at GCCS


Cristian Gilkerson

This year we have a few new teachers to the staff at GCCS. One of the new teachers this year is Mr. El-Khouri, he is Mr. Rossiter’s replacement. Currently he teaches Wisdom and Growth, Apocalyptic literature and Greek. He has been teaching for Nine years in total. Six of the years he spent at Madison Christian School, He thought bible their and he had a lot of different classes such as World Religions, Life of Christ, and History of the Church. He goes to Scarlet city church. He has a Three year old daughter named Stella. He enjoys teaching here and hopes it stays enjoyable.



Another new teacher to our GCCS Staff is Mrs. Carpenter. Mrs. Carpenter is the new world history teacher, she is Mrs. Williams’ replacement. She has taught for eleven years and the last school she taught at was Phoenix Arizona High School. She taught many different classes their such as World history, U.S. Constitution and the History of Rock N Roll. She moved herete. Her Hobbies are reading, she loves traveling to historical places, she loves all music except rap, but reading and music are her life. from Arizona 7 months ago to be closer to her family, her family is from northern Kentucky. Even though it seems far away still, its closer than Arizona. Mrs. Carpenter has been married 13 years and has a 20 year old son who is transferring to Ohio State, He currently goes to Columbus State. She loves teaching here and enjoys the freshman a lot.