Show Some Spirit!

Roxy Rooker


Roxy Rooker, Student Reporter

The week of September 30th, 2019 was spirit week this year. All grades came to school in their themed outfits in preparation of homecoming!

This year’s themes were: ‘Murica Monday, Tye Dye Tuesday, Wild West Wednesday, Tropical Thursday, and Spirit Wear Friday.

On ‘Murica Monday, students and teachers alike came to school wearing their favorite outfits to represent America. This could be anything from an American flag suit to a red, white, or blue t-shirt. On Tye Dye Tuesday, colors were in the air. Vibrant swirls and multicolored patterns were on the shirts of students. On Wild West Wednesday, participants wore their flannels or cowboy/girl outfits. Tropical Thursday: floral shirts and Hawaiian themes were eminent, along with safari and animal print attire. On Spirit Day students wore their spirit wear to represent our school before the homecoming game.