Eagle’s Soccer Senior Night

Mr. Conant


Zach dribbling down the sideline

Zach Lauron, Student Reporter

Zach being escorted by his parents
Davey being escorted by his parents
Maddie passing the ball

Last Tuesday, October 8th, the Eagles varsity soccer team took on Millersport Highschool for their senior night with a 4-1 victory. Goals were scored by Zachary, Davey, and Richard. It was a very exciting night as we celebrated our seniors. The crowd was very enthusiastic all night with lots of energy. Both teams played fair and had tons of fun.

The first goal scored by the Eagles was from a penalty kick made by Zach. The second goal was scored by Davey. Richard scored the third, and Zach came in with the fourth and final point of the night, sealing the victory.

Tournament season is coming up, and the Eagles’ first game is Thursday, October 17th against Fairbanks Highschool. If they advance, they will play Tree of Life. The soccer team will be working hard all week to prepare for the tournament games, and are hoping to make it back to district finals this year. Their record this year is 8-6-2, and they are looking forward to more tournament wins.

Make sure to come out for as many tournament games as possible as it is our seniors’ last school soccer season. Be ready to cheer them on and watch a great game!