Senior Powderpuff Team


Zach Lauron, Reporter

The Junior vs. Senior powderpuff game was a very fun and exciting event! The seniors swept the juniors with a 3-0 set win. The team worked very well together, with coaches Maddie and Odette pushing them to do their very best. The seniors practiced a lot prior to the game, starting in late September, they worked hard every Sunday.

The seniors’ starting line-up consisted of Zach, Garrett, Carter, Colton, Timothy, and Richard. Carter had numerous diving saves, Zach had a few hard spikes, and Richard had lots of great serves! Before the game started, Zach gave a very inspirational speech to the team. Even though the juniors trashed talked the seniors all day, the seniors were not phased. They’d worked very hard for two months to prepare for the game.

The first set was a breeze for the seniors. The juniors were struggling to stay out of the net, resulting in many points awarded to the seniors. The seniors stayed focused and communicated very well, while having lots of fun at the same time. They took the second set with ease, while the juniors were struggling to communicate and hit the ball over the net. Last year, when the seniors of 2019 were up 2-0, they threw the third set and ultimately got utterly defeated by the juniors (2020) who came back to win three sets in a row. The seniors this year knew that throwing the third set was a bad idea. The team made many substitutions, but they were struggling to play well together. The seniors were down 11-2 to start out the set, but with a few adjustments to the line-up, the team was able to come back and beat the juniors in the third set. The senior class is now 2-0 against the seniors last year, and the juniors this year.

After the official game was over, the juniors and seniors played a fourth set for fun. After, they played the fifth set with the seniors vs. seniors. The seniors were the highlight of the night, and they will be taking on the teachers and four senior girl volleyball players soon.