Powderpuff Volleyball Game-Junior Perspective

Kyle Reed

The GCCS boys Volleyball Powderpuff game was on October 28, 2019 in the Grove City Christian High School gym. The game consisted of the Juniors vs the Seniors in a 6 on 6 volleyball game. This was because the boys wanted to have some sport that the girls played, so powderpuff voleyball came along. The Juniors fought really hard, and although they lost all three games, that doesn’t mean they played bad. The Juniors played their hearts out, but the Seniors still came out on top. The Juniors were ready for the game, and if they just talked more and tried harder than what they did, they could’ve played a lot better than the Seniors (maybe getting the win!) Juniors lost but next year they can still play in the Volleyball Powderpuff game against the upcoming Juniors and not lose. Good luck to the upcoming Seniors next year and play even better than you did this year.


The Juniors warming up for the big game!
Kyle setting the ball up for Christian
The Juniors huddling up so they can get more confidence
Juniors waiting on the Seniors to come out so they can start the game
Henry and Josiah going up for the block
Josiah getting ready to serve the ball
Jake serving the ball to the Seniors
Kyle and Collin getting subbed out
Josiah serving to get a point