Sophomore Serve

Gabrielle Payne


Gabrielle Payne, Student Reporter

On November fifteenth, the sophomores went to Carriage Court and Story Point assisted living facilities to serve.  They left at 9:30 a.m. and came back at 12:50p.m.  They baked pumpkin pies and built bikes.  They did this to feed the homeless and to give to the homeless kids.  They all focused hard to create the perfect bike or make the perfect pie.


Daniel, Paige, and Rachel are all working on a bike.
Mr. Crockett overseeing the bike builders.
Wylee and Maddie are working on the Pumpkin Pies.
Dani is working on the Pumpkin Pies.
The Sophomores at Sophomore Serve



*Photography credit – Ethan S.