Senior 10:44 Trip


Zach Lauron, Reporter

The Senior 10:44 trip was a blast! Everyone worked very hard for the weekend and had lots of fun. There were many jobs to keep the Seniors busy, including wood chopping, bush burning, cleaning, trimming, and moving. The students worked very hard as soon as they arrived. They selected their jobs on Friday and began working that afternoon. Saturday was the hardest day for the group because it was the longest workday. A few minor injuries occurred during the first few days, but nothing serious.

Even though the Seniors worked very hard most of the time, they had plenty of free time towards the end of the day. There were many activities to take part in, like soccer, floor hockey, nine square, basketball, volleyball, and even a flag-football game! When it got later at night, the students played lots of card games. The cabins were very loud with a few people screaming, but a very positive environment.

Every day, a chapel service was held. The worship team did an amazing job leading the Seniors in worship. The teachers that spoke over the time we were there were Mrs. Gillespie, Mr. AJ McCampbell, Mr. Andrew McCampbell, and Mrs. Jeffries. The theme for the messages was fear. They talked about how we cannot let fear control our decisions, but we should live in faith instead.

Some highlights over the 10:44 trip were the zip line, the rope swing over the pond, the flag-football game, volleyball tournament, and the talent show held on Sunday. The participants of the talent show were Zach, Tim, Carter, Logan, and Caleb. The winner of the talent show was Carter, who sang a solo to the song, “Fly me to the moon.” In second place, Caleb won with a solo singing, “Photograph.” The third place award was given to Tim and Zach as they did a duet to, “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” In fourth place, Logan did a solo dance. In last place, Caleb and carter’s duet of “L.O.V.E.” by Nat King Cole.