GC3 Serves the Community

Tim Sullivan, Reporter

GC3 started meeting in January 2019 with representatives from Grove City Christian High School, Grove City High School, and Central Crossing High School student councils.  Students were tasked with finding a way that the three schools could join together to plan events for youth in the community. As the committee discussed, members came to a common agreement to have service involving the Grove City area. On October 18th, 100 students from the three schools met throughout the community to serve. Many service opportunities included painting, serving senior citizens, cleaning up trash, landscaping, and much more! Looking back on the day, countless students were able to make new friendships and interact with other students they would have never met.

GC3 meets regularly with the Grove City Parks and Recreation Department to discuss other events that students would be interested in. The group plans to host a video game tournament and a winter formal dance in the upcoming months. As the community keeps growing, GC3 hopes to meet the needs and interests of students from each high school!