Welcome to The Comeback!


Tim Sullivan, Reporter

As students came back from break, student council wanted to create an event where students in grades 9-12 could come together and have fun. As the council began to brainstorm, they decided to name it “The Comeback.” Events from the night included an escape room, dodgeball, Just Dance, volleyball, basketball, and Who Done It? There was a volleyball tournament with 4 teams, with Tim Sullivan’s team coming out on top. The team consisted of Mr. Ipock, Mr. Arrell, Emma, Ladina, Davey, and Tim. 5 groups attempted to break out of the escape room and all accomplished the feat in under 30 minutes. Marcos’ pizza and dessert were served with chips and drinks. While discussing the event with students, many enjoyed the night and are excited to see what else student council has in store for the rest of the year!

Student council hopes to provide more events like The Comeback in the future including spirit week events, a dance with other area high schools, and high school recess. If you have any ideas, please see your class representatives! Check the student council social media pages for more updates on future events!

Thank you to student council for putting on such an awesome event, and thank you teachers for coming to support the students!