This Student Section was Phenomenal!

Kyle Reed, Student Reporter

On January 31, 2020 the Grove City Christian Eagles played the Millersport Lakers at Grove City Christian School. The Student Section that night was amazing, the theme was glow in the dark/neon lights. The leaders of the student section were Math teacher, Mr. Ipock, and Senior President, Joey Gallagher. There were 132 students there ready to support their Eagles. Mr. Keating even said, “out of all 18 years I have been here, that was the best student section I have ever witnessed.” This student section was lighting up the whole gym! When ever there was a three by an Eagle, Bailey Garren would run up behind the cheerleaders and stick a 3 point sign on the wall. The reason so many people were here for the student section is because there was a competition going around the whole high school over spirit week. The class with the most points got to have a reward if they won. The most percent of the class at the game would get the most points. This 132 person Student Section was crazy and it was definitely the best student section the school has ever had.