Pets of GCC


Roxy Rooker, Student Reporter

Recently we took a survey of the pets of GCC. Here is the data that was found:


Over 50% of pet owners at our school own only 1-2 pets.

29% have 3-5.

11% have 6-9.

And 3% have 10 or more pets.

Gabrielle’s kittens Solomon and Zipporah

90% of the people at our school own at least 1 dog.

44% have at least 1 cat.

About 10% have a bird.

Roxy’s dog Bentley

We also have a few more eccentric species which include: snakes, turtles, horses, hamsters, a guinea pig, a giraffe and a pterodactyl (not sure if the last two are real but it’s part of the data)…

Emily’s dog Jude
Emily’s other dog Allison


The most common names are Max/Mack, Coco, Charlie, Kitty/Cat, and Chloe.

Brisen’s Birds
Kyle’s dogs Lua and Oreo