New Technology


Gabrielle Payne, Student Reporter

Some new technology that has recently been invented includes the 3D printer.  More of these inventions are being used to help prevent Covid-19.  People have been printing masks using the 3D printer to give to hospital workers to protect them from this virus.  Another piece of technology that has been coming are Nintendo Switches.  They came out in 2017, but have recently been selling like crazy.  Since people are self isolating during this quarantine, people have been growing bored.  Everyone is trying to find something to do, and then Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch came out.  These Nintendo Switches are selling like crazy in order to play Animal Crossing.  They have found a way to cure their boredom.  However, it is near impossible to get a Switch because they are selling out. When the Switches get restocked, they are usually gone the next second. Nintendo has also created the Nintendo Switch Lite which came out in 2019. These are easier to get hold of because the Lite is smaller and can not connect to a T.V., because of those factors, people want a normal Switch. That is the main factor as to why the Switch is more popular than the Lite.


3D Printer
Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch Lite