Junior Retreat Recap!

Mr. Conant


Kyle Reed, Student Reporter

On March 11, 2020 the juniors of GCCS went to Camp Otterbein for a field trip called Junior Retreat. Junior Retreat was in Camp Otterbein to do activities and just help out the camp overall. On the first day which was a Wednesday, the group of guys and girls arrived and went and found the cabins they were supposed to sleep in for the 3 days. Later that day there was a game of capture the flag in the dark just so it was harder. Day two was  chill day and work day, in the morning we worked and worked and worked. Later on, there were 5 activities that you could do. The last day was leaving day, the juniors woke up went to breakfast and packed their bags and headed out of Camp Otterbein.

Chapel is a big thing at Camp Otterbein
Trivia was a fun thing at Camp Otterbein.
Bella and Taylor hanging out watching people play
Jake playing basketball.
Kyle ready to play gagaball
Sabastian playing guitar
Lunch is served!
Sabastian and Collin pushing Kyle around on the hammocks
There was tons of places to explore at Camp Otterbein