The Effects of Coronavirus (The Covid-19 Pandemic)

Roxy Rooker, Student Reporter

The Coronavirus is affecting us all right now. Almost everything is closed down. In class school is out for the rest of the school year. Many people are working from home or are unemployed. Everyone has started to wear face masks everywhere to prevent themselves from giving or receiving any sickness. So much has happened within the past two months that it has felt like a year.

With the quarantine, all of us students have had to adjust to working from home. For some it has been easy, with internet access and the ability to do homework before the time it is due. But on the other hand, some people do not have adequate conditions to do their work and have to whittle in schoolwork in between other responsibilities.

In some places there are food drives for those who cannot go out and get fresh food or people who can’t afford going out during these times.

Food drive at the YMCA

In response to everyone staying home and minimally going out, many things have changed in the world. The economy is tanking due to people spending less and not having the option to buy out. The air quality is improving from less carbon emissions. The gas prices are also the lowest they have been since around 2002!

The price of gas is under $1.50 at many gas stations!
Low traffic at a busy intersection

People have had to find new ways to use up all of the extra time. This means that people are finding new hobbies and productive things to do. Some people are watching more TV, reading more books, and playing more video games, but others have found other hobbies to do like doing puzzles, baking, and spending more time outdoors. Many people are appreciating God’s creation more as they try to focus on the beauty of the world.

Completed puzzle done over quarantine

Who knows what this virus will bring for the future of our nation? Will people continue to wear masks everywhere they go to prevent the spread of illness? Will people go out of their way to spend more time with their loved ones? Will the world become a more humane place, with people being more considerate of the people around them?