A Bittersweet Goodbye


Tim Sullivan, Student Reporter

A letter to Grove City Christian

Dear GCC,

You’ve seen every part of me. From the very first moment that little 5 year old stepped in the door to the last day I walked out the door of the hallway, you’ve seen me. You saw my joy and excitement when I sat at the lunch table with my friends as a young elementary student, gazing on his sack lunch. You saw my disappointment as I stepped off the court for the last time as a senior. You saw my eagerness to get to the next grade. Every day was a new adventure inside the walls.

Thank you

To the teachers:

Thank you for your awesome support of not only me but others in the class of 2020! I can’t wait for this next part of my journey in life and to see where God leads me. You poured in so much academically and spiritually to all of us.

Thank you

To the students:

Keep the energy. GCC is an amazing place to be. Never take a day for granted. You are blessed to be at this school and God has you there for a specific reason.

Thank you

As my time at GCC has expired, I hope to see the legacies that our class carried on continued to be carried on as we leave.


Tim Sullivan