Masks – Good or Bad?

Masks - Good or Bad?

Roxy Rooker, Student Reporter

Masks have been a popular trend during the Covid-19 pandemic, but are they really helping the spread of germs, or are they doing more harm than good? This article shows some of the hidden truths of face masks and the opinions of students in our community.


As for student’s opinions on masks:


Q: How do you feel about the use of masks?

Most people think that it is a good idea if you are sick to help prevent the spread of the virus, but others think that in most situations it is overzealous and in certain circumstances, unnecessary.


Q. When do you think someone should wear a mask if one at all?

Some people think that masks should be worn mainly in busy, high-contact areas like stores and other crowded places. A few others think that masks should only be worn when one is constantly exposed to people who are sick.


Q. Do you think masks will be normalized in America?

This question got many responses. Quite a few people said that they believe masks will probably be common to see in public until a vaccine is found or the news about the pandemic dies down. A few people think that masks will “go away” and not normalize, while others had the opposite response and said that they will be more popular.

A student from GCHS and her mom wearing face masks

Onto the facts about how effective masks are in preventing Covid-19 and other sicknesses. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that there is no need for healthy people to use masks to prevent Covid-19 spread. They say that masks should be for the sick, caretakers, and medical workers only, and that masks are almost useless if other precautions are not taken like frequent hand washing, avoiding touching your face, and socially distancing. On the other hand, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that simple cloth coverings/masks be used in public areas where social distancing is difficult to maintain.

One of my friends from youth group wearing a mask

There have been some safety issues concerning a lack of oxygen intake while wearing N-95 masks. These masks, they say, should be left for only medical workers to use because of their ability to filter out the tiniest of particles. Others should avoid them due to them being uncomfortable to wear for long amounts of time, and a reduction of oxygen which causes lightheadedness. In conclusion, there is a lot of differing medical opinions on the use of masks in the Health and Disease Industries, but if you are worried about contracting or spreading the virus, the best thing that both organizations agree upon is socially distancing.

Ashlyn wearing her mask