New Teacher and Staff of GCCS 2020

Brisen Azbell and Roxy Rooker

Roxy Rooker, Student Reporter/Editor

The staff at Grove City Christian has increased in size this year.  We have 5 new teachers and staff joining us for the 2020-2021 school year!  Ms. Harr is the new Geometry teacher, she also teaches Algebra Concept, Geometry Concept, and Honors Geometry.  Mrs. Roys teaches Chemistry 1.  Mr. Carnes teaches Physics, STEM 101, ACT Prep, Trigonometry, and Java Programming.  Mr. Murphy teaches Freshmen and Junior Bible classes.  Finally, Ms. Swetland is an intern for Mrs. Gillespie.

We asked them each the same four questions to get to know them a little bit better:

Q: Where did you work before you came to GCCS?

Ms. Harr: She worked as an athletic coach here at GCCS while she was in college.

Mrs. Roys: She worked at GCCS for 6 years until she had taken a break to take care of a family member, she was a stay at home mom, and before that she was a chemist.

Mr. Carnes: A couple different engineering firms, substitute teaching, and teaching at a school called Metro near downtown Columbus.

Mr. Murphy: Cypress Weslyan Church.

Ms. Swetland: She is currently a visual merchandiser at Target but before that she was working as a teacher at Olentangy.


Q: What is your favorite Disney movie?

Ms. Harr: Aladdin

Mrs. Roys: The Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lord of the Rings

Mr. Carnes: Frozen

Mr. Murphy: The Lion King

Ms. Swetland: The Lion King 2


Q: How are you liking it here as a teacher?

Ms. Harr: She said she is loving it here as a teacher, and she used to be a student here.  Then came back to work as a teacher.

Mrs. Roys: She loves it here.

Mr. Carnes: He loves it here.  He loves the good Christian environment, the good students, and our academics.

Mr. Murphy: He loves it here.

Ms. Swetland: She said she liked it here a lot and was very happy about it all being in person.


Q: What is your favorite book that you recommend?

Ms. Harr: She said that a more serious one she prefers is the book Quiet, but if she were to choose something less serious it would be the Percy Jackson series.

Mrs. Roys: The Harry Potter Series, and Imagine Heaven

Mr. Carnes: The Holy Bible.

Mr. Murphy: Gentle and Lowly

Ms. Swetland: The Archetypes of the Wild Women



Contributers: Roxy Rooker and Brisen Azbell