Marching Band at Football Games


Roxy Rooker

Luzy shows color guard spirit

Gabrielle Payne, Student Reporter

The marching band is a very important part of football games.  They provide entertainment with their music.  They go on the field during half time to perform with the color guard.  That can definitely raise people’s spirits at the football games.  Two of their purposes are to keep people entertained and to keep their spirits raised.  They definitely do a good job with that.

Prestige Photography-Mark Groves
The marching band in formation
The color guard performing with the marching band
The percussion section of the band performing
Mr. Claassen directing the marching band
The marching band getting ready to perform
The marching band and the color guard performing during half time
Rebecca playing the flute
Natalia playing the trumpet
Luzy shows color guard spirit (Roxy Rooker)
The drum section