Spirit Week


Brisen Azbell, Student Reporter

Our usual spirit week went off on the week of September 21st to September 25th (2020).

We got off to a good start with our usual theme of Twin Day!  Some of you were very unique in your twinning and did quite the amazing job in matching either in theme or in the entire outfit!  This theme seems to be reoccurring every year, maybe it’s a fan favorite?  We can only speculate~.

And then on Tuesday we have quite the unique theme of Back in Time!  In my 2 completed years at this school, I don’t remember seeing this theme!  There were some very interesting outfits on this day in particular.  From tie dye to leather jackets and crimped hair,  they’re were some very unique outfits on Tuesday.  Sadly, I did not see any dinosaurs.

Then on Wednesday we have Film day!  It was fun to see everybody’s favorite tv-show characters and movie favorites!  We had anything from Mickey Mouse to The Polar Express characters.  Everybody’s unique ideas and enthusiasm really was a sight to behold on this day!  A lot of Disney characters were there, Disney is quite the vast category after all.

And moving on to Thursday we had Dream Job day.  Some of your ideas were quite out there!  There were judges, nurses, scientists, teachers, doctors, sports players, lawyers, engineers, chefs, and much, much more!

And in conclusion to this week of whacky themes and unique ideas, we ended it with our usual Friday spirit wear day.  Black, and navy blue, no matter how you arrange it they are just such pretty colors when put together.  Everyone looked amazing on this day as well!

And in conclusion, some picture of some particularly amazing outfits from the week~.