Quarantine & Online Schooling (Oct. 22 – Nov. 2, 2020)

Quarantine & Online Schooling (Oct. 22 - Nov. 2, 2020)

Brisen Azbell, Reporter

So, rather recently we had another small break for online schooling / quarantine.  I wanted to know how you all were feeling about it so I sent out a Google form to all high school students (thank you so much to the 42/217 students that responded!).  Now for a summary of all of your responses!

  1. Were you surprised that the school went under quarantine?  36/42 of you were not surprised about the switch to online, I wasn’t quite surprised but sometimes you never know!  So it is quite understandable to be surprised sometimes.
  2. Did you like or dislike the quarantine?  Why or why not?  This question had quite the split in responses.  For those of you that loved/liked it, you mostly liked it for the sleep, ability to make your own schedule, and more time to do what you love!  For those of you that hated/disliked it, you usually didn’t like that you couldn’t see your friends, that teachers used more than one website for work, and that your emails were packed to the brim! (I do suggest deleting emails that you do not need or no longer need, it might help)
  3. What did you do over the quarantine?  A lot of you did nothing, a couple of you biked, some of you focused on your homework, sports, band/instruments, watched your favorite shows, worked at your jobs, some of you seem to be in the process of getting you drivers license to (Same! twinsiesssss!!!), video games, etc., etc..  There is so much to name, you all did so much!
  4. Were you happy about the quarantine?  It was quite split on this one to.  With 47.6% of you liking it.  40.5% of you disliking it.  And 11.9% of you felt neutral about it.
  5. Did your grades improve because of the quarantine?  35.7% of you said yes.  38.1% said no.  Anddddddd 26.2% of you said your grades remained the same (same here :'(, I was kind of hoping they would improve).
  6. Do you think there is anything the school could do to improve the online schooling process that we have had to transfer to a couple times? If so, what could they do?  57.1% of you said no.  But a total of 42.9% of you had some good ideas for what we could do to improve the online schooling/quarantine process for all of us!  Some of you suggested that each teacher keep all of their work on one website, others suggested that better communication among faculty, students, and teachers would be a good idea, more zoom sessions (but maybe not as early as 8 a.m.), putting all assignments up at the beginning of the week instead of daily, and (I really like this one) that any and all emails that are sent out to parents should also be sent out to students (after all, we want to know what’s happening to our school from our school, not just our parents telling us).
  7. What was your favorite part of the quarantine/online schooling?  As assumed, a lot of you liked being able to sleep in later (as do I), being more comfortable at home (most of you), being able to work at your jobs more and earn more money, having more free time, less stress, not having to ride the bus, and being able to be alone and not around so many people.  And for those of you that didn’t like it (don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you), you have probably been told this a thousand+ times, but I do urge you to go speak (you could do zoom or email her to if you wanted and if she is able to) with with our school counselor and asked her for help on any issues you are facing that are causing your mental/physical health to go down, it really does help sometimes to just talk to someone.
  8. What was your least favorite part of quarantine/online schooling?  Some of you really missed seeing your friends in person, others (of course) didn’t like the school part (that’s understandable), early zoom sessions, too many e-mails, the stress of accidentally missing assignments, having to focus on school work, some of you hated everything, and some of you loved everything.
  9. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being “hated it” and 10 being “loved it”) how did you like the 2 two weeks online?  Four of you said 1.  Four of you said 2.  Three of you said 4.  Three of you said 5.  Two of you said 6.  Six of you said 7.  Eight of you said 8.  Four of you said 9.  And finally, eight of you said 10.


Thank you, again, to all the students that participated in my survey, it really did help me a lot!  And if the school reads my article, it might help them to improve the online schooling process/quarantine for everyone.  And, in conclusion, have a wonderful day and if it’s not so wonderful, then please go speak with a trusted human (or animal, I don’t discriminate) about it if need be.