Hobbies of GCC


Roxy Rooker

Roxy Rooker, Editor

Over the past few weeks, a survey was sent out to all of the students of GCCS from grades 7-12. This survey was meant to find out some of the activities that our peers participate in outside of school. Over all, there were 77 entries! I want to thank all of you who filled out a survey. Here are some of the results:

Participation among the grade levels

On a scale of 1-10, I asked how many, if any at all, hobbies you participate in. The most common answer was around the 5 range.

As for hobbies themselves, here are some of the most common ones:

75% play some kind of sport

55% actively listen to or create music

50% actively watch TV

49% do an art

45% play video games

Some lesser common but mentionable hobbies are: RC Cars, modeling, acting, cultural studies, computer programming, crocheting, and hair and makeup.


I asked people to share their collections. I won’t be able to name all of them but here are some that I found interesting…

Baseball cards, beanie boos, toys, quarters, deer skin, books, junk and treasures, shineys, makeup, vans, merchandise, pokémon cards, snow globes, vinyl’s, manga, shells.

Many people play a sport. The most common sports were: basketball, track and field, weightlifting, cross country, soccer, cheer, marching band, and rifle. Some of the least common sports, but still played, were: figure skating, hockey, dance, boxing, taekwondo, equestrian, and gymnastics.

Over half of the people who took the survey regularly listen to music. The most common genres are pop, rap, alternative rock, worship, hip hop, country, and rock.

The least common genres, but still listened to, were kpop, disco, sea shanties, metal, pirate metal, R&B, low fi, and punk rock.

The favorite tv genres in GCCS are: comedy, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, thriller, drama, horror, and anime. Some of the lesser mentioned were cartoons, reality tv, gameshows, news, Disney, and crime shows.

A lot of the students never read, or at least never read for fun. The favorite book genres of GCC are fiction and fantasy. Close behind those were young adult fiction, mystery, adventure, dystopian/utopian, romance, science fiction, and thriller.

 Again, thank you to all who participated!