The Chapel Band

Gabrielle Payne


Gabrielle Payne, Student reporter

The Chapel Band is a group that sings at the beginning of Chapel.  The group consists of Connor Benson, Luzy Delmonte-Adames, Jamie Dozier, Lauren Foster, Daniel Gonzalez, Tara Johnson, Kavina Kaati, Juan Mendez, Alexia Pennington, Alayna Riggs, Evett Romine, and Bryanna Trout.  They are a music group dedicated to worshiping God.  They lead the singing at Chapel and get us engaged in it.  They move people with their songs.  They are powerful in sending their message.  They usually sing three to four songs at Chapel.  They sing some amazing songs during Chapel.

Connor singing and playing the guitar
Luzy singing
The Chapel Band worshiping God
The Chapel Band preparing for Chapel
The Chapel Band singing to God