Christmas Break


Brisen Azbell, Student Reporter

Recently a QR code may have shown up in your bible class (high school)!  That was the QR code for the link to my Google form to fill out regarding your Christmas break.  For all 21/217 of you that filled it out, I thank you very much!  It was a big help!  And now onto the test results for this article.

  1. How was your Christmas break?  10 of you said 10/10, I’m glad to hear you guys enjoyed it so much!  3 of you said 9/10, still pretty good.  5 of you said 8/10,  I wonder what made not a 10/10.  1 of you said 7/10.  1 of you said 6/10.  And, 1 of you said 5/10, I hope your ok and doing well, sometimes breaks aren’t always as fun as we think they’ll be.
  2. Were you happy we went online for a week before and after Christmas break?  14 of you said yes, I think I’d fall into this category to, I think it kind of helped relieve some of the stuff of exams.  4 of you said no, you bunch must be the people that don’t quite like online schooling, I know it isn’t for everyone.  And for the remaining few, some of you were happy to be online for exams but not school, and others were not happy to be online for exams but were fine with online school for the week after break.  Quite the difference in opinions!
  3. Does your family have any Christmas traditions?  If yes, then what are they?  Some of you said spending time with family, I do hope your social distancing correctly and taking precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy!  some said putting up decorations, others said baking (yum!).
  4. What’s your favorite part about Christmas break?  A lot of you said spending time with family and being off school was your favorite.  Some said they like to sleep in, I agree.  And the remaining few were happy to get paid for more hours at their job, fun!
  5. What’s your least favorite part about Christmas break?  Some said not seeing friends, others said the weather.  A couple of you were upset about corona.  Some don’t like to take down the Christmas décor (I agree, it’s very tedious).  Some said the break wasn’t long enough (IKR).  And most of your were upset it ended, I am quite sad about that to.
  6. Do you prefer having exams before or after Christmas break?  17 of you said before!  That’s quite the number!  And 4 of you said after.  I like it happening after break to, it gives me more time to compile my studying materials and such.


Again, thank you so much to the few of you that scanned my QR code and gave me the data I needed to complete my article, it was a big help!