New Technology of 2021


Gabrielle Payne, Student reporter

With COVID-19 still around, more technology is evolving for those bored at home.  An example is Virtual Reality.  Virtual Reality, or VR, has been around for some time, but it is evolving.  VR puts us into a new environment, and with the pandemic going on, it takes us out of reality for a bit.  Virtual Reality became popular in 2020, but it is expected that it will become even bigger.

A woman testing out VR

Another piece of technology that has become popular is Artificial Intelligence, or AI.  AI is where a machine can learn new things and act alive.  Scientists have been working on this for years, but it has become much bigger this year.  Robots have even been made.  It’s like a person, but it’s a robot.  It is artificial intelligence, because it is given the ability to learn.

An AI robot