NJHS Introduction


Gabrielle Payne, Student reporter

On January 28th, 2021, The Induction Ceremony was held for new National Junior Honor Society.  It was supposed to happen last year, but COVID-19 hit really hard.  Instead of eighth graders inducting the seventh graders and eighth graders, ninth graders inducted eighth and ninth graders.  This was to make up for not having the ceremony last year.  Mrs. Smith is the advisor who inducted the new members.  The old members include Addyson Buttler, Andrew Gallant, Samuel Gilliland, Jordan Mahaney, Malina Marcum, Emma McCall, Kennedy Pressler, and Trenton Timlin.  The new members include Cailyn Andrick, Liam Benson, Cayden Carroll, Eva Claffey, Jacob Garmen, Jadunn Harris, Aubree Hester, Logan Langsdorf, JD Lee, Claire Little, Brady Oiler, Arianna Pennartz, Sarah Phillips, Cassie Romine, Christian Stinemetz, Dylann Triplett, and Drew Wilson.  The ceremony goes like this : Welcome and Prayer, the Pledges, then the speeches given by old members which are the Explanation of Virtues, Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Citizenship, Character, next we have the introduction for the new members, after that is the Pledge of NJHS, and then they ended it with the Benediction.  Mr. Arrell led with the Welcome and Prayer, Jordan Mahaney did the Pledges along with the Pledge of NJHS, Samuel Gilliland talked about Explanation of Virtues, Trenton Timlin talked about Scholarship, Malina Marcum talked about Leadership, Kennedy Pressler talked about Service, Addyson Buttler talked about Citizenship, Emma McCall talked about Character, Mrs. Smith introduced the new members, and Mr. McMillan ended it with the Benediction.

The NJHS Induction
The Candles that Represent what NJHS is for
Mr. Arrell Welcoming everyone
Mrs. Smith Inducting new members
Mr. McMillan Giving the Benediction
Jordan Mahaney Doing the Pledges
Lighting the First Candle
JD Lee Signing His Name Into the NJHS Book
Liam and His Mom posing After the Induction
Four Friends Having Their Picture Taken After the Induction
Cassie Getting Inducted into NJHS
Arianna Getting Inducted
Sarah Phillips Getting Inducted