Spring Break Activities


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Spring Break sign with beach background

Gabrielle Payne, Student reporter

Many people do many things for Spring Break.  It is a time for relaxing and seeing family.  A survey was sent to multiple people to see what they will be doing during Spring Break.  Everyone that answered will be catching up on their sleep, most people plan on reading, some are going swimming, one person plans to go hiking, a couple of people will be playing video games, almost everyone will be spending time with their family, one person is going to a park, half of the people will be having a movie marathon, some people will be going to a sleepover, some people plan to bake, a couple of people are going to camp out, one person is going to a cookout, one person is going to a spa, a few people will be Spring cleaning, one person is going fishing, one person is going on vacation, and one person will be catching up on homework.  There are so many things that people can do for Spring Break.  Everyone should have fun during this time.  Have a wonderful Spring Break!

Spring Break!
Going Fishing
Going Camping
Going to the Park
Going to the Pool
Spending Time With Family
Going Hiking