Talent Show Returns

Mr. Conant


Mr. Conant, Advisor

The very popular talent show returned to GCCS this year.  On Friday, May 14, 2021 during flex period and part of 6th period, 16 different acts performed before the high school and middle school students in the Worship Center of Grove City Church of the Nazarene.

The Naz Pastor David Morrison MC
Annabelle O’ Neal singing and playing the piano
Alexia Pennington singing an original song
Casma Mussi and Roxy Rooker perform an instrumental
Conner Jones singing badly
Jamie Dozier singing and playing the piano
Katelyn Merrill singing
Jordan Dupler chugging water in record time
Nick Williams performs his comedy routine
Lauren Foster and Lauren Davis performing
Kavina Kaati sings and plays the piano
RBC-Graham, Danny and Majarak perform
Malina Marcum singing
Devon Davis and Jake Glovitch perform a comedy routine
Tara Johnson singing
Annay Downing signs a song with Lauren Davis singing and playing the guitar
Waiting for the announcement of the winners
Kavina overall winner
Jake and Devon winner of the Funniest Category
Casma and Roxy winner of the Most Creative Category
Annabelle winner of the Most Musical Category