The Lady Eagles Dominate in Big League Win


Nick Williams, Reporter

Yet again, the volleyball team here at GCCS owned the court in their latest game against Millersport. The leading player of the night was none other than Carissa Hunt, leading with 10 kills and 14 digs overall. Carissa is clearly a threat on the court, showing off her prowess in both offense and defense. Her skills proved necessary in gaining the edge on her opponents as they took the lead in all 3 sets, giving the Eagles a perfect win streak throughout the night.




Earning the spotlight for her defensive technique, Bernice Espinosa was responsible for 12 receptions and 10 digs. Leading the team with her defensive nature saved the Eagles from potential defeat, especially with such close games as these.

Wrapping up the night, the scores for each set were totaled at 25-21, 25-14, and 25-18. Truly an impressive sweep that we’re proud of! With the amount of physical tenacity, technical cooperation, and overall trust in each other as a team, this proves how unstoppable our Eagles are when they work together. With a 5-2 overall win record and a 3-0 in league play, we can expect great things to come from our volleyball team.

The only question left to ask is: Who could possibly stop them?