Schools using IXL


Carissa Hunt, Reporter

      IXL is an online math program that students here at GCCS use. We use this to practice and improve our math skills. IXL was released in 2007. Students have a love to hate relationship with it. 

     However, students can work at their own pace when using IXL. They also can see an explanation if they got it wrong. IXL is a great math tool to help you learn math and keep all your math knowledge fresh.

     IXL has proven to work. IXL themselves took a survey, schools that use IXL outperformed school who do not. In 2018, Ohio schools who used IXL was about 10% higher in reading and math then ohio schools who lacked IXL. IXL said “Schools using IXL were more likely to receive an overall school grade of A or B on the 2018 Ohio School Report Card than schools without IXL.” 

     Teachers seem to like IXL too. A math teacher in Texas stated “They are more independent, and it has given them “the freedom to fail” because they are no longer afraid to get the question wrong and learn from their mistake.” 

    One of our own math teachers here (Mr. Dye) stated “IXL also is connected to the book we use, so students can search for whatever chapter in the book that we’re working on and find tons of resources and practice problems that they can do on their own initiative. IXL has also been helpful for students who have needed to be quarantined. It’s a good way to help them keep up-to-date with current class assignments. I’m looking forward to seeing the long-term benefits of using IXL at our school!”