Students Prepare For Dissections at GCCS

Students Prepare For Dissections at GCCS

Nick Williams, Reporter

Dissections are being done here at GCCS! Students from Anatomy and Physiology have completed their rat dissections, the first of many to be done later in the year. While many students would repulse at the thought of dissection, there are those that believe this aspect of education is not only helpful, but necessary to understand the complexity of creation.

We sat down with Mrs. Myers, who teaches Biology and Anatomy and Physiology here at Grove City Christian. Myers had this to say when asked about the benefits of dissection: “Definitely, it shows [the students] how they’re related… when you’re looking at pictures and diagrams, everything is flat. Here you can see the depth [of the organisms].” Mrs. Myers hopes that performing dissections at school will enhance the students’ understanding of life and how the system of biology plays into our world. “We could get by without it, but it wouldn’t be as rich of an experience.”

Overall, dissections aren’t looked upon very brightly by most students (speaking personally, it wasn’t always the most anticipated part of the school year). However, dissections can prove beneficial to our understanding of the functions of life and the complexity of God’s design. When we take this into perspective, it’s easier to see the good things that come with dissection.

For the final dissection, Anat. and Phys. will be dissecting and studying a Mink. Here’s hoping they can stomach the assignment!