The Homecoming Court


Gabrielle Payne, Student Reporter

Homecoming is a very important time in a high schooler’s life.  Some of those high schooler’s then get chosen to represent our school through homecoming.  Those students that got chosen for the homecoming court of 2021 are the freshman: Jordan Ortega and Cadence Randall, the sophomores: Caleb Ransom and Aubree Hester, the juniors: Luke McCoy and Lauren Davis, and the seniors: Daniel Gonzalez, Connor Benson, Conner Jones, Juan Mendez, Andrew Chalupa, Paige Spencer, Alayna Riggs, Kayla Ollam, Luzmarie Delmonte-adames, and Kaitlynn Gibson.  I had the chance to interview most of the homecoming court.  I asked them each three questions.  The first question I asked was, ‘What is it like being on the homecoming court?’ Most of these students said that it’s really fun, exciting and surprising.  A couple of them answered that it’s fun to meet other people on the court.  I then asked, ‘What does homecoming mean to you?’  Some of the homecoming court said that it’s a fun time to be with friends while others said that it represents our school spirit.  The last question I asked was, ‘Why do you believe homecoming is important?’  They said that it’s a way to bring people together and show school spirit.  Homecoming brought so many people together this year.

The whole of high school had the opportunity to vote for their homecoming king and queen.  The king and queen are Conner Jones and Paige Spencer.  Congratulations to these individuals!