Current Events Project


Gabrielle Payne, Reporter

A couple of weeks ago, the current events class made a video project on modern slavery in other countries.  I watched some of these videos, and it was very interesting to learn about.  I never thought that people would still be dealing with slavery, so these videos were very eye opening to what is going on in the world.

I interviewed Berenice Espinoza and Troy Franz about their projects.  Berenice’s group did a video on child force labor and Troy’s group did a video on slavery in North Korea.  They both gathered a ton of research to be able to make their videos.  Berenice said that she learned that China has been forced to restrict the force labor of children by the UN from doing this project.  Troy said that he learned how dire life is in North Korea that the news won’t talk about from doing this project.

The current events class
Mr. Slemmons teaching the class
Mr. Slemmons explaining the video they are watching
The class wanted me to take a picture of Hank