STEM Class Displays Their Cardboard Creations


Nick Williams, Reporter

Recently, the STEM class here at GCCS put their heads together to build furniture by hand. However, this project was a bit unusual, because the groups had to build their items completely out of recycled cardboard! To further understand the “why” and “how” behind the project, we held an interview with Mrs. Hoyt and some of her students.

When asked about the strange materials used, Mrs. Hoyt said it was a good experience for students to see how versatile recycling can be. She believes this project allowed the class to be resourceful, as well as giving them hands-on development to create something with their own imaginative control.

Aydan, Sam, and Dominic presenting their desk


Daniel worked with Evan and Jack to create their round chair design

The students seemed to enjoy it too! When asked about their thoughts on the process, they said it was fun to build things and use designs they had personal interest in. Daniel Gonzalez, a senior in the class, said it was his favorite course in all of high school.

In total, there were four designs constructed: a round chair, a triangular chair, a bookshelf , and a desk. Each was inspired from a different architect, and all of these pieces were displayed to be fully functioning, even the chairs remained fully intact when they were sat on at the display!

The furniture supported everyone that tested it out. Pretty impressive for cardboard structures!
Adam, Jocelyn, and Kyle with a unique triangular seat
AJ, Diego and Jayden showing off the bookshelf they created

The four cardboard contestants were voted on by students through a survey accessed by a qr code found in the high school hallway. After all the votes were submitted, the winner was the round chair! Personally, I think all of the creations were impressive, but it felt especially surprising to be fully supported when I sat in a chair made of recycled pieces!

STEM at GCCS so far has shown to be a great experience for the students involved. The skills they’re developing will prepare them not just for college, but for understanding the world around them when graduation comes around. With the ability to think abstractly, hold a vision for a project, and see it through to the end, STEM provides a unique experience too good to pass up.