ACSI Art Festival Winners

Rachel Mitchell, Aaron Wickham and Olivia Antonoff-Digital Imaging students with their ACSI photographs

Mr. Conant

Rachel Mitchell, Aaron Wickham and Olivia Antonoff-Digital Imaging students with their ACSI photographs

Noah Whitaker, Reporter

Congratulations to those students who participated in the ACSI Art Festival at Cedarville University Saturday, April 1, 2017.

There were 3 levels of ribbons that were given to our students:  Good, Excellent and Superior.

 Elementary Division (Grades 3-5):

Faith Cox- Excellent

Andrew Carper-Good

Leah Jones-Excellent

Emma Groves-Excellent

Lacy Dunnigan- Superior

Lucy Forts-Good

Annabelle Camp-Superior

Dylann Triplett-Excellent

Eva Claffey-Superior

Marcus Bell-Excellent

Braydent Wilkins-Excellent

Sabrina Anderson-Superior

Hannah Rauch-Excellent

Alyssa Garten-Superior

Victoria Black-Good

Middle School Division (Grades 6-8)

Kaden Garringer-Superior

Katelyn Merrill-Excellent

Bina Rieser-Excellent

Natalie Holland (2 pieces) Superior for both

Joseph Phillips-Superior

Bella Rieser-Superior

High School Division (Grades 9-12)

Olivia Antonoff-Good

Rachel Mitchell-Excellent

Aaron Wickham –Superior

Sydney Tackett –Excellent

Sarah Cuckler-Superior

Katie Jacobs-Superior

Megan McRath –Excellent

Quenton Blount-Excellent

Rhonda Houck-Excellent

Kayla Keys-Excellent

Crystal Bethel-Excellent

Angelina Gibson (2 pieces) Excellent, Superior

MayMay Pattananukulkit (2 pieces) Excellent, Superior

Mikael VanHoose (2 pieces) Both Superior

These students participated in the Best of Show Competition within their division:

Annabelle Camp

Eva Claffey

Sabrina Anderson

Alyssa Garten

Kaden Garringer

Natalie Holland (both pieces)

Joseph Phillips

Bella Rieser

Aaron Wickham

Sarah Cuckler

MayMay Patananukulkit

Mikael VanHoose

These students got Best of Show:

Annabelle Camp

Natalie Holland

Congratulations to all of our winners.  We are very proud of you!

The above article was written from material provided by Mrs. Helen Massaro, GCC Art Teacher.


Winners: Sydney Tackett, Rhonda Houck, Angelina Gibson

Winners: Quenton Blount, Kayla Keys

Winners: Mikael VanHoose, Sara Cuckler

Winners: Megan McGrath, Katie Jacobs
Winners: Crystal Bethel, MayMay Pattananukulkit

Winners: Rachel Mitchell. Aaron Wickham, Olivia Antonoff