High School Track Team


Cindy Forby , Poll manager / Columnist

Track 2017 has been a blast but the season ended too fast. We had our cold and warm days and we grew as a team. It has been great to see the team succeed and accomplish their goals. During the meets we meet new friends and bond together. We are there to support and encourage others as they compete and try their best. We practice everyday to try to be the best we can be and honor God.


Zion Jackson-Long Jump
Dalina getting the baton during a relay
Jacob Stoneking throwing the shot put
Calista jumping the hurdles
Morgan with the pole vault
Brandon Rex taking photographs while Leah and Emma watch
Zack throwing the shot put
Kyle with the long jump
Matt Bailey with the long jump
Maddy and Zaria in the 100 m dash
Alec Sliemers in the relay
Cindy throws the discus