Prom 2017



Sydney Grace, Student Reporter

The 2017 Grove City Christian High School prom, was held Friday, May 5th at 7:00 pm at Oakhurst Country Club with the theme of Vintage Nights. It was a night full of dressing up, pictures, fun, laughter, great music, dancing and making amazing memories with our friends in the junior and senior classes. Mr. McCampbell set up a selfie station for everyone to take pictures to remember this wonderful night. During the hours of having fun and dancing, it came to the time of crowning prom king, queen, prince and princess. Lane Scott was crowned prom queen, Hunter Oda was crowned prom king, Caleb Sullivan was crowned prom prince, and Melinda Baker was crowned prom princess.

Lane Scott, Hunter Oda, Caleb Sullivan, Melinda Baker, who were crowned as prom queen, king, prince, and princess
Everyone dancing and enjoying the amazing prom!
The teachers were even having a great time! Here’s both Mr. McCampbell’s and Mr. Pyles having a little fun taking pictures