Soccer Season Updates and Predictions


John Conant

Varsity soccer team pregame.

Trent Reed, Reporter

Mr. Conant
Eagles soccer

The high school soccer team is off to a strong start. They have played 5 games and have 4 wins 0 losses and 1 tie! The goals have been spread across the board as well. When interviewing multiple players from the team, there were mixed opinions on the rest of the season. When Isaac Harmeyer was asked what his predictions were for the end of the season he answered confidently, “Regionals, no doubt.” David Claffey and Carter Stedfield both answered the same thing and said, “States, if the team wants it, we can definitely win states.” The soccer team seems to be very confident and wants to keep the season strong. David Claffey even stated that the Eagles were going to finish undefeated. Confidence is key and the Eagles seem to have a lot of confidence so hopefully the season doesn’t end soon.