Dress Code Challenge


Odette Espinosa

The running tally is up to 6 days! Students are doing a great job staying on track!

Melinda Baker, Editor

This year, high school students at Grove City Christian have been presented with a challenge. Mr. McMillan has asked high school students to properly follow dress code rules for two weeks, and if they can do this successfully they will be rewarded with a dress down day. Although this task might seem simple, it has been proven very difficult. So far, students have only been able to go 6 days without any dress code violations. Students have been prompted to encourage one another in this challenge, making sure that everyone stays on track!

Mr. McMillan, vice principal at Grove City Christian, is the motivation behind the challenge. He has high hopes that students are capable of overcoming the challenge. Throughout the day, you can find Mr. McMillan checking in with students and reassuring them that the dress down day is obtainable.  After talking with Mr. McMillan, he shared that the challenge originated from his former school and there, it was actually generated by the students. Students came to the staff and proposed the idea with the desire to have more frequent dress down days. Mr. McMillan said after the first year of the challenge at his previous school, there was never a Friday without a dress down day.

Eagles, this is something we can look forward to! Ultimately, Mr. McMillan believes that the dress code challenge is, “not just about the rules, it’s about doing the right thing.” He wants everyone in the high school to positively affect their “circle of influence.” Eagles, lets change our culture and get that dress down day!