GCCS football Team Bouncing Back


Zion Jackson, Author

This Friday, the Grove City Christian football team plays Jefferson Township at home at 7 pm. The team looks to bounce back after starting the season 0-2, versus Crestline and Catholic Central. The team captain, Blake Spitler, was very adamant about not having his senior season go down in flames. He said, “It’s frustrating that we put in so much work to only have the result blow up in our face. But as coach says, trust the process and do your assignments and good things will happen.” The senior made his wishes known among the football team, who hope to get their first home win in 3 years.

I got a chance to interview the starting guard on the football team who had something to say about the slow start to the season. “I believe that we’ll pick it up soon,” Tommy said. “We just have to move forward, I mean we can’t dwell on what happened last week or 2 weeks ago but we have to focus of attention on our opponent this week.” Tommy looks to lead the offensive line as they prepare for a battle up front. Tommy also said that he was excited about the new coaches this year. Tommy said, “They bring a certain toughness to the team and they make the game fun to play. Usually when you lose a lot of games the game itself doesn’t seem fun anymore, but with the help of the new coaches I like the new play calling, we just have to execute it better.”

The new coaching staff is lead by head coach Hank Patterson. Coach Patterson is trying to reshape the culture here at GCCS with a home victory this Friday, which would be his first win as the GCCS head coach and the football teams first home victory in over 3 years. I got a chance to sit down with Coach Patterson and he explained what needed to happen in order for the season to be a success. “Leaders have to step up, I’m looking for someone on this team to rise up in the face of adversity and lead this team. With a leader, the rest of the team can rally behind that guy. Look at it this way, in the military there is a leader or a captain or someone with a higher rank. This is because the soldiers need someone to rally behind them and properly motivated to give everything they got.” Coach Patterson said that people like Brett Baker and Blake Spitler are starting to step up and lead this team. Brett Baker is the quarterback for GCCS. He is a junior and Blake Spitler is a senior tackle, linebacker, and defensive end.