Meet the teams 8-18-17


Alycia Brown, Reporter

Fall sports teams praying together.


Meet the team night 8-18-17′

 The Grove City Christian Eagles are gearing up for their 2017 fall seasons. On August 18, 2017, the parents and fans met all of the fall sports teams for this upcoming season. The middle school eagles have five actual sports teams: Cross-country, football, soccer, volleyball and cheerleading, while the high school has six teams. The extra sport that high school offers is golf.

The middle school cross-country has three runners, while the high school has eleven. Middle school football has twelve players while high school has twenty-eight players. Soccer at Grove City Christian is a coed sport. The middle school team for soccer has thirteen players and the total number for high school is twenty-one players. High school soccer consists of a Junior Varsity and Varsity team: sixteen on Junior Varsity and twenty-one play for varsity as well. There are a total of four volleyball teams between middle school and high school for GCCS. There are a total of thirteen players on the seventh grade team, and five for eighth grade. Four of the seventh graders also play for the eighth grade team. For high school, there are two teams, Junior Varsity and Varsity. Junior Varsity consists of fourteen people and varsity consists of twelve. High school has a golf team. This team consists of nine players. Golf is only a high school sport at GCCS. Lastly, there is one middle school football cheerleading squad and one high school varsity squad. The middle school team has ten girls, while the varsity team has twelve girls.

Grove City Christian has a total of eleven sports teams, some which include a junior varsity and a varsity team. The eagles are excited to be playing their sport(s) for this upcoming season.