2017 Homecoming Pep Rally


Students participate in the annual tug of war competition.

Melinda Baker , Editor

Bubba the Eagle poses for a picture as he is eager to get the crowd going!
Senior homecoming attendants, Riley Peters and Melinda Baker, make their way down the field as they are introduced at the pep rally.
Varsity cheerleaders stunting in their homecoming dance.
Students are excited to watch their classmates participate in the fun and intense games!
Here a student is attempting to eat a doughnut from a string while blindfolded in the intermediate and middle school pep rally game.

On Friday, September 29th, enthusiastic students gathered at the football field at Grove City Christian for the annual homecoming pep rally. Planned out by the Varsity cheer leading squad, this pep rally was definitely one for the books! This year’s pep rally was led by Pastor Jake Holmes and Brad Lautenschleger. The pep rally began with the Varsity cheer leading squad showcasing a dance, followed by the Middle School cheer leading squad, and then different students were called down to participate in a variety of exciting games. Lastly, each grade level of the high school competed in a game of tug of war. Those crowned victorious were in the sophomore class. The pep rally was a great way to inform students about the game that night, and Varsity head football coach, Hank Patterson, did just that. Students even rallied together at the pep rally to learn a new cheer they could chant at the game that night. Overall, this pep rally left students excited and eager to see what would happen on the field that night and even the next day at the annual homecoming dance!