National Honor Society Induction


New inductees are seated on the stage while waiting for the ceremony to conclude.

Melinda Baker, Editor

On Monday, October 2, students, teachers, and parents gathered in the Worship Center for a special ceremony that would recognize all new members of the National Honor Society. The ceremony began with prayer and pledges followed by four different speeches. Each one of these speeches, written and read by a current National Honor Society member, represented each of the four pillars of the National Honor Society. These pillars are leadership, service, character, and scholarship. After the speeches were presented, new inductees were escorted to the stage by current members while listening to a letter written to them by their parents. Students were touched by the letters and they were a key part in making the ceremony very personal for each person. The ceremony went very smoothly and everyone was very pleased with the night in general. Mr. Arrell even commented on the event and mentioned that the speeches presented were some of the best he has ever heard! The National Honor Society looks forward to executing all the exciting events they have planned for the upcoming school year, including Operation Christmas Child!

Pictured above is both the new and old National Honor Society members.
Dalina Phomphengchane lights the candle representing the pillar of leadership.
National Honor Society president, Anna Phillips, and teacher, Mrs. Keim, read speeches written by the new inductees parents.