Kindergarten Buddies


Alycia Brown, Reporter

Kindergarten buddies have been around Grove City Christian School for 14 years and began with Mrs. Conant and Mrs. Patterson. We have senior and kindergarten buddies because they help kindergartners in developing a bond with a senior that has similar interests with them. Most of the seniors are paired with a kindergartner that is like them and that they can relate to. Kindergarten buddies have been a great way for both the seniors and kindergartners to have prayer partners. The hope for the school is to continue to keep this trend going and to keep the bond between the seniors and kindergartners strong, so they can have someone to look up to!

Caleb Sullivan and his buddies.
Zach Lantzy reading with his buddy.
Jaiden, Sadie, and Lauryn with their buddies.
Seniors line up to go out to recess with their buddies.