Fall Season Sports Summary


Senior Riley Peters

Trent Reed, Reporter

Soccer- The team had the best season that GCC has ever seen with an outstanding 14-3-2 record. All the players had a great time growing in their skills and their bonds as a team.

Football- The high school football team has grown over the past years with improvements. 2 years ago they went 0-10 and now their overall record this year was 4-6. The football team wishes to keep growing in their skills and as a family.

Football teams takes the field


Volleyball- This year’s volleyball team finished with a 14-4 record. The girls all had a great time playing this year and enjoyed growing in their relationships. The team wishes to continue to grow and have an even better record next year and years to come!





Cross Country- They had a memorable season with a total of 11 runners. Within those 11, only 1 was a freshman and the rest were sophomores and juniors. The team wishes to grow and get more runners over the next few years and add on more victories.

Cheerleading- When asking Melinda Baker about the season, she said, “It was a very memorable year for the seniors and a great year as a whole. The girls had a fun time cheering for multiple victories.”